Episode 4

August 13, 2017

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Also in Locker-rooms to Classrooms

Episode 6

November 30, 2017

There are millions of high school student-athletes across the country striving to earn and qualify for only a thousand or so college scholarships. Tune in to Episode 6 to learn from Koreen Burch of Burch Sports, what you need to be doing today to get on college coaches radar, separate yourself from the crowd and gain a competitive advantage. Listen here or at iTunes or Stitcher
Episode 5

October 16, 2017

After becoming a Freshman All-American football player at the University of Tennessee, Marcus Jackson was on the fast-track to realizing his dream of becoming a pro football player. Unfortunately his college career was slowed by injuries, which caused him to prematurely hang-up his cleats and pursue his other goal of becoming an attorney. Learn how he is using his intellectual talents and past sports experiences to pursue a law degree and succeed off the field. Listen here or at iTunes or Stitcher
Episode 3

July 29, 2017 3 Comments

What happens when you are a high-school all-state & honorable mention all-American football player, letter four years at a D1 college and still don't make it to the pro's? You become a Senior Vice President at a Fortune 500 Company! That's what a Born-Alpha student-athlete does. Excels on and off the field. Tune-in to learn what it takes to become one to ensure your success when your playing days come to its' inevitable end. Listen here or on iTunes or Stitcher