On the football field, I was a member of championship teams at the pee-wee, high-school and collegiate levels A receiving record-holder in high school (Susan Wagner, Staten Island, NY) and college at Georgia Tech. However, after my college eligibility ended, with no football future, I left unhappy and was unable to establish a viable professional career for myself, until I returned to college 20 years later to complete my degree and find a growth opportunity within a Fortune 50 company. 

Unfortunately, my experience occurs too frequently today among college student-athletes, which is why I have founded the Rodri3uez brand. A brand that is about a mind-style that encourages student-athletes to enhance their view of themselves from just being great athletes to recognizing that they can also be Alpha-performers beyond the field. 

Through my graphic-novel, "D1: The Xperience" and podcast, "Locker-rooms to Classrooms," I provide relevant information and real-life examples, from those who did it, in a way that is both entertaining and enlightening. A "play-book" that prepares and guides student-athletes to better manage the daily grind and dynamic lifestyle they experience during their college journey, so that they can explore and utilize all of the tremendous educational, social and athletic opportunities available towards ultimately positioning themselves to living-out a more balanced, fulfilling and successful life on or off the field.